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Are We Being Hoodwinked? The Astrology & The "News"

Stay For A Moment by Cameron Gray

When I reflect on this artwork, and on the current moment in 2020, I'm reminded of the scene in the movie Beetlejuice when Barbara and Adam walk through the 6th door, back into their home after being in the time warp of after life administrative services and Adam says "...this place just gets weirder and weirder...". Can you relate? I felt called to provide a summary of the Astrology of the last week, and a look ahead to the next couple of weeks, to provide some insight and facts about what we're experiencing. This is from an impartial and neutral perspective, and is an explanation from an Astrological point of view.


Mercury the Messenger

Mercury Retrograde began on October 13th (ET) and ended on November 3rd. For the entire 3 weeks before November 3rd, the planet related to communication, the postal system, electronics, information and "news" was in reverse motion in the sky. Mercury Retrogrades are known for miscommunications, electronic glitches, delays in information and opportunity to pause and review these things in our lives. The Retrograde began in the sign of Scorpio and ended in the sign of Libra. The Retrograde isn't "officially" over until November 19th (post-shadow). On November 3rd, when Mercury stationed, or stood at a standstill before going direct again, it squared (90º apart/challenge) the planet Saturn in Capricorn. A planet's energy is amplified whenever it stations, and Mercury square Saturn has the energy of double and triple-checking information to be sure it's accurate and correct. Looking back in history, the last time Mercury was Retrograde for the 3 weeks before election day in the US was in the year 2000 (remember the "hanging chads", the Florida recount and the Bush v. Gore election?). At that time, stationing Mercury was squaring the planet Neptune (more about Neptune in a bit). In 1980, Mercury was Retrograde during the election and at that time we had the beginning of the Regan Era. Mercury Retrogrades during or just before major US elections go back in history in 20-year cycles. I haven't looked back at them all, however it seems that these conditions have historically been time periods of reviewing results, recounting votes, surprising outcomes and/or delays in information.


Neptune and The Nodes of the Moon

The planet Neptune relates to spirituality, dreams, intuition, illusion, addiction and the unseen. The shadow side of Neptune energy can be confusion, disillusionment and being hoodwinked. Neptune and the Nodes of the Moon are getting closer and closer to a square (the square will be exact on January 6th, 2021). The Nodes of the Moon (Mean Node) shifted into the signs of Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node) back in June. Collectively, the Nodes of the Moon energetically represent soul growth (North Node) and release (South Node). Gemini is the sign of communication, ideas, curiosity, mental agility and intellectual exchange and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Sagittarius is the sign of the free spirit, beliefs, knowledge, expansion and philosophy and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The collective lessons of the Nodes of the Moon in these two signs relate to releasing old or limiting beliefs in order to welcome, try and consider new ideas and thought patterns. When a planet squares the Nodes of the Moon, it's known as a repeating lesson. The energy of Neptune squaring the Nodes of the Moon can be described as confusing information, illusions of information and/or unknown information that can have us questioning ourselves, our beliefs and philosophies.


Mars the Warrior

Now may be a good time to revisit the themes of the current Mars Retrograde, which I called The Battle for Sovereignty. The example I used to characterize this Mars Retrograde was the story of The Karate Kid, and how the high vibration expression of the energy is Daniel LaRusso/Mr. Miyagi and the low vibration expression is Jonny Lawrence/John Kreese and the "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy" motto of Cobra Kai. Mars is still Retrograde until Friday, November 13th, and will have its own very potent station at the same degree of Aries, resuming forward motion again on November 24th. The intensity of the Mars Retrograde lasts into January 2021.


A Brief Summary About the Rest

As Mercury retraces its steps back into the sign of Scorpio (November 11th - December 1st), it will once again oppose the planet Uranus on November 17th (shocking or surprising news or information). Remember, we're still in Scorpio season, and the shadow side of Scorpio energy can involve power struggles, manipulative behavior and dishonesty. We're still in the energy of the recent Full Moon until November 15th as well. Mercury in Scorpio can be like truth serum, detective work and/or penetrating below the surface of things. There's also an upcoming eclipse season, the second eclipse season of this year, with eclipses in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. The remaining road ahead in this year is paved with surprise, revelations of potentially shadowy or shocking truth and more potential chaos.


So, what do we do with all this?! As I have been writing about and saying all year, which is of the utmost importance now, trust your intuition, pause and process information with your body and your heart and do your best of hold your frequency high. Situations like recounts, information delays and potentially misleading information are expected. A contested election due to potential Mercury Retrograde style mishaps and breakdowns is also possible, and from my perspective based on the Astrology, expected. It's up to each of us, if you so choose, to evaluate and seek information from multiple sources and decide for ourselves what is true or not true. If you are feeling confused, there's power in the pause. Take a beat, take a breath and check in with yourself. We all also have the choice to turn off the information faucet. It's ok to find solace in peace, ground in nature and take a break from anything that's making you feel uncomfortable, stressed out and/or anxious. It's important to be mindful of others, opposing points of view and your own personal information diet. Astrologer Eugenia Krok described it best. She said something like "We are at the Thanksgiving dinner table of the century" in her podcast about the Nodes of the Moon switching to Gemini and Sagittarius. It sure has felt that way! As the holidays near, and (hopefully) we spend time with family and friends, compassion and love are vital.

Things will get weirder and weirder. We all have an important choice in how to respond.



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