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Gemini Season - New Moon Blend, Energy & Online Circle Event!

Basil Botanical Illustration (image from

A New Moon occurs when the Sun & Moon are conjunct, or at the same degree and minute of the same zodiac sign. This conjunction between the Sun and Moon accentuates the energy of the sign, and is a wonderful time of the lunar cycle to think about new beginnings, manifesting and setting intentions for the next 6 months.

This month's New Moon occurs on Friday, May 22nd at 1:39 pm (EDT) at 2º 04' of the sign of Gemini. The signature oil of Gemini is Basil, which comprises most of this New Moon blend. Basil is helpful in clearing the mind, relieving muscle tension and inspiring focus. It can help with mental clarity, motivation and energetic protection. I added Lavender to the blend for its soothing and calming effects.


New Moon in Gemini Diffuser Blend

4 drops Basil Sweet (Ocimum basilicum) 3 drops Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Add the oils to your favorite diffuser and breathe deeply.


The aroma of Basil Sweet oil is so herbaceous and refreshing. It smells very much like the plant, which I love. One of my favorite things about summer is making fresh Jersey Tomato and Basil salads, and smelling my fingertips after I shred or chop fresh Basil leaves. If you don't have Basil essential oil, or are unable to order it, no worries! Use the plant instead (the same goes for Lavender). The herb and plant can be used as substitutes for the oils in your New Moon practice. This New Moon is all about communication (see below). Crystals that help with communication (Throat Chakra) could be a wonderful addition too. I love working with Blue Lace Agate, Blue Kyanite, Celestite and Aquamarine.

I purchase most of my oils and Aromatherapy supplies from Aromatics International. Samples can be purchased from Eden Botanicals, which is pretty cool if you want to try an oil.

I am currently working on creating the lunar blends for purchase. Stay tuned on that!

New to the New Moon posts - I've added the oracle card for the signature oil of the zodiacal season from the Essential Oils Oracle Cards deck by Lisa Powers.

The message/energetics of Basil are below:


About Gemini Season & this New Moon

The Soul's Twin Flames (Mind & Heart)

The Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Gemini on Wednesday, 5/20 at 9:49 am (EDT), ushering the beginning of Gemini season. The qualities of Gemini include communication, ideas, curiosity, intellectual exchange and mental agility. There is a buzz and jest about Gemini energy. It is a Masculine or Yang Air sign, its modality is Mutable, its symbol is The Twins and it is ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini rules over the lungs, the shoulders and the arms/hands. It relates to the acquiring and assimilation of information. Gemini energy buzzes with excitement about new ideas, new knowledge, language and communicating with others. Extreme Gemini energy can be restless, nervous, scattered and unfocused. The Mutable modality transmutes energy, and is very adept and can easily adapt to change. The planetary energy present during this New Moon involves what I'm calling the Soul's Twin Flames, the Mind and the Heart. This New Moon features a conjunction between the planets Mercury (the Mind) and Venus (the Heart) in a square (challenge) to the planet Neptune. There is an overabundance of information whirling about in the world right now. It feels almost impossible to process everything, and it can be very confusing and overwhelming. It's also difficult to know what information to trust. Rather than considering what's being received with the mind, focus on how it feels in your heart. The response in your heart is the one to trust. Venus is currently retrograde, which means her energy is very strong as she's closest to Earth when retrograde (5/13 - 6/25). Read more about Venus's and Mercury's cycles here. With the help of a discerning Mercury, the retrograde period is a wonderful time to review our relationship to information carefully. We can use the energy of both planets to set New Moon intentions about how we receive, discern and assimilate information, and focus on communicating from the heart. This can help assist us in overcoming the confusion and distortion that a challenge from Neptune can bring to the energetics. Here are some ideas:

Receive information, take a breath and feel it in your heart and body.

What's your body's reaction?

If you're feeling restlessness, confusion or overwhelm, using breathing techniques or doing something productive with your hands can help transmute the energy.

Create any new practice that helps you discern, assimilate and communicate from the heart.

Join this month's online New Moon circle to learn more! See below!


My dear, local friend Abra Merlino of Shift Studio in Ventnor and I are co-hosting an online, donation-based New Moon event on Friday, 5/22 at 6:45 pm. We will be honoring the energy of this New Moon, discussing more about Mercury and Venus, and we have a very special meditation journey planned for everyone! I'd be honored to have you join us. Register here.

I hope you love this blend and the new additions to the post! Knowing where Gemini falls in your chart is also a wonderful way to set focused intentions for the New Moon. Let me know if I can be of service.

Live in touch with your Soul.

New Moon Blessings from my Heart to yours,

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