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Libra Season & The Equinox | xoniuqE

Image credit: Faye Cornish on Unsplash

The Sun shifted into the zodiac sign of Libra on Tuesday, 9/22 at (9:31 am EDT), which was also the Equinox. The Light and the Dark shared another day of equality, and the seasons have changed once again. As we all hang in the balance, Mother Earth continues spinning, striving for equilibrium.

Qualities of Libra include balance, harmony, peace, justice, beauty, partnership, charm and fairness. Libra energy can be very focused on avoiding conflict, being objective, evaluating all sides of a situation, the intellect, diplomacy and aesthetics. Relationships are of the utmost importance. It is a Masculine, or Yang, Air sign. Its modality is Cardinal, its symbol is The Scales, and it is the second zodiac sign ruled by Venus. In the body, Libra rules over the kidneys, lower back, bladder, ovaries and the endocrine system. It relates to learning about oneself through partnership and relationship with others. There can be a flirtatious vibe to Libra energy. In the extremes, Libra energy can be too focused on others, losing oneself in relationship, co-dependent and putting others' needs before one's own. People-pleasing and hesitation can be tendencies. One of the biggest lessons for Libra energy is learning how to put oneself first.


Astrological Aromatherapy - The Signature Oil(s)

Libra is the only zodiac sign with two signature oils (surprise, surprise - one stereotype for Libra is indecision!). The two essential oils are Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens var. roseum) and Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii var. motia). The Essential Oils oracle deck only has a card for Geranium. Did you know that Geranium is distilled from the leaves of the plant, and not the flowers? Geranium essential oil is soothing for inflammation and can also help ease menstrual discomfort. Palmarosa essential oil is also soothing, more for emotional balance and skin irritation, especially when feeling overextended. I have three planets in Libra, including my Sun, and love both of these oils very much.

The Astrological Aromatherapy blend for the upcoming Full Moon (10/1) features Palmarosa, and can be purchased here.


Getting out of your head and into your heart, resting and being gentle with yourself are beautiful messages for this Libra season (and this Libra Sun). Air signs can be overthinkers!

Much Love, Balance & Harmony,

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