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Full Moon in Gemini ~ Maturation

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The Full Moon in Gemini occurs tomorrow, Saturday (12/18) at 11:33 pm (EST) opposite the Sun in Sagittarius. This is the final Full Moon of 2021, and more importantly, the final Full Moon with emphasis on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis (eclipses/nodes of the Moon) until 2029. There is quite an energetic Shift upon us within the next week, on either side of the Solstice. I'm feeling the void and the darkness and the opportunity to surrender. Let's ponder and explore.

"A man declared bankrupt" is the Sabian Symbol representing the degree of tomorrow's Full Moon (28 Gemini). Similarly, the Pleiadian Symbol is "Leaving his wealth behind, a man wanders away". The late degrees of any zodiac sign represent the maturation of the energy. It's a feeling of being pregnant with the energy before moving on to the new energy of the next sign. There is a letting go here, a birth and surrender and ditching of excess baggage in order to move forward into a new energy. We've been steeped in the predominant Gemini/Sagittarius energy for a while...since mid-2020, and now it's time to embrace and integrate and move forward with that which we wish to carry on into the Shift, and release that which we do not. The energy has felt wild, confusing, conflicting and fleeting. It's been difficult to find Truth. So is the quality of mutable Air (Gemini) and Fire (Sagittarius). Gemini communicates, which includes all forms of communication verbal and non-verbal (think telepathy too), learns, postulates and prods with wit. Sagittarius philosophizes, matures, manifests and quests with content, enthusiasm and charisma. We have matured and become pregnant in the energy of this axis. We move forward with an inner knowing and wisdom, with the trailblazing sages who have come before us, that we have the power to speak our desires into existence. By moving the air in our lungs and creating a vibration of our vocal cords, the power of our words is unique and unparalleled. We'll be under the energy of the Gemini Full Moon leading into the Solstice, planetary shifts and the nodal shift (into Torus/Scorpio). We're gifted time before the return of the Light in the North to release our personal and collective bankruptcies into the darkness. Identify the bankrupt areas of your life, where "wealth" may be contrived or untrue, and speak its release. Speak it, chant it, sing it, write it and burn sure to release it into the void.

The last couple of years have been monumental lessons in navigating chaos, uncertainty and perceiving information and energy. Under the luminous Full Moon, mirror that reflection into moments of pause and contemplation of the last two years. Spend some quality, quiet time with you, and freshen up for new energy and what you want to carry forward into 2022. The new energy will be ripe with possibility to manifest our personal and collective dreams into reality from a grounded, integrated and wise place within. My hope is that it'll be a loving New Earth, Heaven on Earth and our own literal and figurative Gardens of Eden. An new foundation and anchoring in of a higher vibration for the future of Earth and humanity.

My mantra for 2022:

Not accepting verbal apologies this year, only changed behavior.

In our time of darkness, release and rebirth, from my Light and Void to yours,

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