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Mars Retrograde in Aries 2020 | The Battle for Sovereignty

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The next important chapter in the 2020 saga is Mars Retrograde, which begins on Wednesday, September 9th around 6:30 pm (EDT) at 28º 8' of Aries, and ends on November 13th around 8:30 pm (EDT) at 15º 14' Aries. Mars Retrograde is the rarest of all planetary retrogrades, occurring roughly every two years, for approximately two months. The last time Mars was retrograde in Aries was in 1988, and the last time the retrograde was fully in Aries (like this current retrograde) was in 1941 (click here for a list). The last Mars retrograde was June - August 2018.

What does all this mean? Let's break it down.


Astrologically, Mars relates to one's drive, passion, sexuality, personal power, motivation, expression of anger and instinct. It also relates to the development and honing of these parts of one's personality into skill. Qualities of Aries include all of the above since Mars rules the sign of Aries. Aries energy is the warrior expression of Mars. It's the raw power of life force. It's identity. It's personal and collective sovereignty. It's facing fear.

I recently heard it best described by Astrologer Adam Gainsburg as the:

"Instinct to be what we really are."

For more personal context, it may be helpful to revisit the themes of this year's Aries New Moon. Reflect back on March of this year. I'm certain that some main themes will emerge. Now's the time to take a stand for intentions set back in March. The Aries lunar cycle will be complete on October 1st during the Full Moon in Aries. What gifts or opportunities have been bestowed upon you by the pandemic? How can you harness your personal power to be what you really are? As we're already experiencing the expression of this energy personally, nationally and globally, it's important to know that things will be getting more intense during the Mars Retrograde. Knowing how to skillfully direct the energy into something productive is imperative. A retrograde planet's energy is internalized, similar to reading a tarot or oracle card reversed. Mars wants to move forward, not stand still or move "backwards". Mars/Fire energy needs movement. It can feel very frustrating. Exercise, sweat, create, scream into a pillow, go for a drive, hit a punching bag. Do anything that will result in a positive expression and release of any anger, frustration and stress. Aries rules the head, and Mars relates to injury, so whatever you do, be mindful and use caution. No head injuries! Remember, we do not need any more division, hate and war!

It's up to us as individuals to fuel the raw power into something to strengthen the collective.

We are in the most important battle for our personal and collective sovereignty.

The Karate Kid - Part I

Revisiting the movie The Karate Kid is helpful for context. Learning a martial art is a wonderful expression of Mars energy! This movie exudes both the light and the shadow sides of Mars and Aries energies. Daniel LaRusso (Daniel Son), Mr. Miyagi and Miyagi Do represent the positive expression. Discipline, skill-building, muscle memory, self-empowerment, integrity, leadership, practice, honor, teamwork, instinct and bravery.

Cobra Kai Dojo Logo/Motto

Jonny Lawrence, John Kreese and Cobra Kai Dojo represent the shadow expression.

Bullying, fighting dirty, hotheadedness, obsessed with winning, selfishness, brutality, dishonor, jealousy and ruthlessness. The Karate Kid story has rivalry, fighting, battles and teenage angst.

The story and the characters are the epitome of Mars and Aries energies.

Johnny Lawrence & Daniel LaRusso face off in Cobra Kai

The return of rivals, frenemies and/or enemies can happen during Mars Retrogrades. Interestingly, in May of 2018 and just recently, the first and second seasons of a Karate Kid reboot were released, first on YouTube Premium and now on Netflix. The reboot is called Cobra Kai, and is the story of Johnny Lawrence's redemption. Johnny and Daniel are back in each other's lives, 34 years later, the script is flipped and the story continues. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend watching Cobra Kai. Revisiting all The Karate Kid movies would also be a useful and fun way to prepare for and steep in the energy of Mars and Aries during the next two months. Do you have any personal favorites like The Karate Kid, such as the Kill Bill movies, superhero movies or Bloodsport perhaps?! Watch them!


Every Astrological event so far this year has been our training for this Mars Retrograde. The theme of every lunation, the Mercury Retrogrades, the Venus Retrograde, the pileup and historic planetary conjunctions in Capricorn (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, etc.) and the sign shift of the Nodes of the Moon. Some themes have been healing of the identity, patience, self-care, nurture, vulnerability, discernment, release of old beliefs and societal structures, shadow work, etc. etc. etc. We've all been practicing and training for this battle for sovereignty. It's time to hone our experiences and lessons into skills. There will be varying levels of intensity as we navigate the next few months of 2020 and early 2021. Mars will square Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter again (Rounds 2 and 3). There's one more Mercury Retrograde. There will be two Full Moons in October. There's one more eclipse season. Things are certainly explosive, getting more intense and the shadowy sides are continuing to surface. There's A LOT of fighting dirty and shit-slinging. It's up to us to hold the vibration of the light and the positive. Remember what you are. Remember your training. Remember we're all connected. Remember the oneness of our souls. Consume a steady diet of what will feed your personal, positive expression of Mars and Aries energy. If things feel too frustrating or agitating, do the thing that will help you get back to center and stay in the zone.


I'm here for you. It's helpful to know where this is happening in your own chart. Here's my special service for the Mars Retrograde time frame. I'll be posting resources. I'll was a guest on the Intuitive Heart Healer podcast on Wednesday, 9/9 discussing all things Mars Retrograde with Valeri McLaughlin. Valeri's most recent episode, the energy forecast for September, aligns very well with the beginning of the Mars Retrograde. My September newsletter will be out this week, and will include a link to the podcast episode. I also created a Spotify playlist that already has 3 hours of thematic music loaded up. It's public and collaborative, so please like it, share it and add songs!

Look up in the East in the late evening. Mars is in its "Midnight Star" phase and will be getting closer, bigger and brighter in the night sky. It's beautiful! Jupiter and Saturn are also still very close, and visible just after sunset. You can observe them squaring off with Mars.

Mars Rx Blessings,

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