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Intuitive Heart & Soul Healing

I have had the opportunity to enjoy Valeri and Ursula’s services before they joined forces and they were each incredible. Bringing these two brilliant, intuitive souls together for the Intuitive Heart and Soul healing really topped off my healing journey!! I was amazed by the messages and healing guidance that came through and immediately started to implement changes into my life and into healing practices I deliver for others. I rarely come out of a healing and begin recommended changes right away. Their intuitive messages were not only powerful but the healing behind them gave me the confidence to move forward down the path and trust myself and my journey.

I am so grateful to have these amazing healers in my life!

- Julie Campione, New Jersey

Astrological Aromatherapy

Ursula is a gifted and compassionate woman with exceptional education and skill. Her depth of  knowledge in astrology and aromatherapy combined with her intuitive abilities make her a very gifted healer. I have been fortunate enough to work with Ursula many times. Her insight and guidance have led me to make better decisions in all areas of my life. I'm so blessed to have found her! 

- Maureen Smith, New York

Birth Day Sky Reading (60 Minutes)

Over the past few years I have been seeking guidance and validation. Through other readings I was referred to Ursula for her innate abilities in interpreting astrological charts. When I approached Ursula she was kind and welcoming. I felt immediately comfortable with sharing my story with her.   


Ursula was able to help me better understand events that have occurred throughout my life, explained how my elements align and how they all contribute to my greater purpose and greater self.


The results were incredible. The reading offered a lot of solid validations and a better understanding of successes or struggles within my timeline. She was great at explaining all the components so that I was able to follow, make sense of it all, and make the connections I needed. Ursula took the time to explain all the different attributes of the charts. She was extremely patient and offered multiple explanations in clarifying any questions I had regarding my timeline, events, as well as interpreting the balance of all the elements within my chart.


I found the experience to be extremely supportive in my personal journey. Her ability to interpret and build connections within each chart made the experience more impactful. The knowledge she has within this practice allowed me to take away the validation and understanding I was looking for.

I would highly recommend Ursula to people who are searching for any validations within their life’s journey.

- Angie Cerrone, New York

Birth Day Sky Reading (60 Minutes)

Ursula brings a level of comfort and support for a new astrology enthusiast like myself. She was very patient with my basic questions (i.e., what is astrology? what is an archetype?) and provided a clear summary of the practice of astrology. Her initial reading provided a broad overview of my astrology and previewed multiple layers of what a reading could describe. I was astounded by the depth of information one could learn. There were many qualities about myself that were validated in her reading. Not only was she correct on my areas of improvement, but she also provided many tools and practices that I could participate doing every day to hone and protect my positive energy.  


I look forward to my next reading!

- Kasey Patroni, California

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