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Into the Deep | Mars Energy Flows

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The Sun shifts into the zodiac sign of Scorpio on Thursday, 10/22 at (7:00 pm EDT). Simultaneously, the waxing Moon will be sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto at 22º of Capricorn, which is the same degree of the historic Saturn and Pluto conjunction on January 12th this year when the whispers of the pandemic began here in the United States. We have a "Hades Moon", which is a book I'm currently reading; it's most definitely a monthly Underworld journey, which it seems is setting the stage for something big for the next 30 days. As the Sun drops just below the horizon on the 22nd, the liminal space of twilight looms...what will be revealed? Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio, and Mars is still Retrograde in Aries ruling over Scorpio season; I'm finding this moment very intriguing! What surprising news will surface?

What shadows of the Capricorn structures and systems will be illuminated?

Qualities of Scorpio include emotional and psychological depth, sharp senses, deep intuition, mystery, power, sensitivity, shyness, seduction and fearlessness. Scorpio energy loves to discover "what lies beneath" and can be very misunderstood, being one of the most stereotyped zodiac signs. Hyper-sensitivity can stem from sensing and feeling so deeply. It is a Feminine, or Yin, Water sign and its modality is Fixed. Scorpio has the most symbols of the zodiac signs, including the Phoenix, Scorpion, Eagle and the Snake, to name a few! It is the second zodiac sign ruled by Mars. In the body, Scorpio rules over the genitals, bowels and the elimination organs. It relates to learning about oneself through merging with others, blurring the lines between oneself and the other and transforming into another form. Think marriage, sexual intimacy and the ultimate transformation process of death, whether it's a physical death or the death of a part of oneself or situation in order to birth something new. In the extremes, Scorpio energy can be controlling, obsessive, manipulative and devastating. Getting lost in the shadows can be a tendency. The highest expression of Scorpio energy is transformation, alchemy and regeneration. Whereas Aries is the Warrior expression of Mars, Scorpio is the Sorcerer.


Astrological Aromatherapy - The Signature Oil

Patchouli also gets a bad rap, commonly known for permeating Grateful Dead concerts and wafting from the dreadlocks of hippies. Patchouli oil (Pogostemon cablin) is wonderfully calming, grounding and facilitates meditation. It's distilled from the lush, rich leaves of the plant and has many variations including "vintage" Patchouli oil; it has one of the longest shelf lives of essential oils. It's a very strong, dominating oil. like its zodiac counterpart, and a little goes a long way. My appreciation of and intimacy with Patchouli was birthed from my Aromatherapy studies. Patchouli is also used widely in skin care. Whenever you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed or overly sensitive, Patchouli's earthy aroma is perfect for grounding and protection. I love the Oracle card's message and reminder that we're Spirit having an Earthly experience in this human form. It also blends beautifully with flower essential oils, which will be featured in the upcoming Taurus Full Moon blend (stay tuned for that coming soon!).

I have 3 planets in Scorpio, including Mercury and my Descendant. This is my natural terroir!

I liken Mercury in Scorpio (the sign of the current Retrograde) to Truth Serum or to a detective's mind, or even to a BS meter, which I'll be exploring more on Instagram over the next few weeks (@ursaalchemy). When I was younger I wanted to be a surgeon, my Mom always thought I'd be a forensic scientist, and I had a fascination about what was underneath the skin and inside the body, always wanting to go deeper into and through everything I encountered.


As I write this, Mars is rising in the East, still very bright and red. I find myself feeling excited about Scorpio season as this is my favorite time of the year. I love Autumn and Truth. I find solace in the stillness of longer nights and cooler weather. Also, in the promise and protection of new life beneath the death and decay, knowing the veil is thinning, the Spirits are close and the time of quiet and regeneration will once again spawn another Phoenix anew out of the shadows and the darkness.


The Orionids Meteor Shower peaks tonight and tomorrow night! Look UP!

As Always, In Awe and Wonder,

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