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Jupiter & Neptune Converge ~ Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky Image on Tumblr

The energy has been building for a while, but it wasn't until late last week, on Saturday in particular, that I started noticing the extreme influences. The clouds, the weather, my dreams, reflections, Spring springing. Everything has felt liminal and imaginary and like the bardo. Existence has felt like walking a tight rope between realities. I went to the beach on Saturday and the experience was ethereal. There was a rain shower off the coast, the kind that you can see from the shore. The clouds were amorphous, gray, white, pink, blue and all shades in between, ever flowing and changing. It was sunny and shady and cold and warm and raining. The sky's reflection was crystal clear in the mirror shimmer of retreating waves, strewn with flocks of sandpipers. At one point, the roar of the ocean startled me, sounding like a fighter jet, and for the first time in a very long time, I watched rain drops falling on the wet shoreline sand. Totally surreal.

I liken the vibe of late to movies like Vanilla Sky, Waking Life, What Dreams May Come and The Shape of Water. Stories that exist in a fantastical version of reality, in a dream or on the verge of many dimensions that all blend into one. Like existing in a Monet painting, or " sleep - perchance to dream...", or entirely unsure if we're dreaming this experience, or if we're in someone else's dream. This is the lived experience of the current Jupiter/Neptune energy, the exact convergence clicking into exactness tomorrow, April 12th at 9:22 am (EDT). This is the extreme essence, expression and once in our lifetimes energy of these two planets meeting up in Pisces (23 degrees), which last happened in March of 1856. You may be feeling extra sensitive, extra intuitive, great sadness or volatile emotions, like escaping, exhausted, dazed and confused, super inspired creatively or having vivid, lucid dreams. It can be some or one extreme, or all of the above. Listen to your body. "Open your eyes."

We also have a Libra Full Moon coming up on Saturday, which will be at the helm of Venus in Pisces; her happy place, but also where the rose-colored glasses are worn as an overdone accessory. Relationships are in the spotlight and the confusing and emotional energies may have a tuned up influence. Remember, this is the first and only time in our lives we're experiencing this particular vibe in the Cosmos, collectively and individually. It may be helpful to know the Pisces part of your chart, where this is happening, and how that relates to the rest of your Soul's fingerprint. It may hold some keys and information in navigating the tidal waves.

If you'd like to explore this more in an intimate Soul Space, join us for an online Libra Full Moon Circle on Thursday, April 14th at 7 pm (EDT). If you've seen any of the movies I listed above, and/or are feeling similarly, I'd love to hear about it. Add some comments and let's discuss!

From my bardo to yours, with Love,

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