Astrology is the ancient study of time & light. The Sun, Moon & planets influence us and our lives through their positions in the sky and through their cycles. An Astrology reading will reveal your birth day sky, which is your natal or birth chart*. Once the natal chart is cast, the beautiful exploration of the soul's journey begins. The sky's the limit!

*Minimum of birth date & location are required. Birth time information allows for full chart casting.


 Aromatherapy is the exquisite art of healing through the use of aromatic plant essences (essential oils), carriers (dilution products) & personalized products (inhalers, massage oils, lotions, etc.). Aromatherapy is an ancient art & science.  Working with an Aromatherapist creates the space for safe & effective use of essential oils to support the body, mind & spirit.

Astrological Aromatherapy

The Healing Arts Blend

 Astrological Aromatherapy blends the healing arts & sciences together through choosing specific essential oils based on a person's natal chart. This healing modality creates an alchemy of plant, planet & soul unique to the person & his or her own personal journey. 


While both Astrology & Aromatherapy are wonderful healing modalities, they are not substitutes for situations & conditions requiring professional medical assistance. 

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