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Aquarius New Moon ~ Revolution in the Air

The Moon is new in Aquarius on Tuesday, February 1st at 12:45 am (EST). The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon (13° Aquarius) is:

A barometer.

This is an extremely apt symbol for this New Moon, especially with its relationship to the other planets (energy merged with Saturn (Authority & Responsibility) and a challenge from Uranus (Catalyst & Rebellion). Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, the rebel, the revolutionary and relates to the masses and community. If we wet our finger, raise it up and try to gauge and read the pressure of this moment in time, the read should be of a revolution that's been in the cooker and is finally blowing its lid. There's revolution in the air; fixed air as it relates to Aquarius. History is repeating, we're steeped in 1776 and revisiting the energies that inspired the first American Revolution (United States Pluto Return). This time, it's global and it's palpable. The barometric pressure of the World is bursting. The people are at their breaking points. It's devastating, it's enraging, but it's also inspiring and hopeful. As the old guard and systems of enslavement of humanity are crumbling, the people are rising up from the rubble and ashes. We are the change.

This is the energy of the Collective under this New Moon and the configuration of the planets. How is this brewing energy feeling in your own life? Have you had your own personal revolution? What's your personal barometric pressure? Think on it, meditate on it, and fuel your New Moon intentions with anything you want to change, rebel against or create. If you need help in your efforts, find your local tribe, community and like-minded people. Harnessing and doing something with this energy may take a village, but when we come together and unite, we are stronger and have all the power to be the change.

I'm reminded of all the creatives, leaders, revolutionaries, innovators and rebels that have come before us, and those of us that are stepping into these roles now. The songs of Bob Dylan and Bob Marley begin playing in my mind, and I think of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla. The artists, leaders and innovators who were fiercely committed to freedom, taking the road less traveled and to choosing love over fear. So many that risked their lives for their missions. Sacred rebellion for the greater good of humanity.

As you steep in this energy over the next few days, under the internal energy of the dark Moon, tap into this vibe and reflect on our history. It's there for us all to consume. How can you intend to harness it in your own life? Where is Aquarius in your own chart? Remember our hUmaNITY.

“Love is the greatest force in the universe.

It is the heartbeat of the moral cosmos.

He who loves is a participant in the being of God.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From my inner revolutionary to yours,

Will all my love,

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