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Spiritual Integration & Release - Sagittarius Season Begins!

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The Sun shifts into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius today, Saturday, 11/21 at (3:40 pm EST). This is a shift for the Sun from the deep, intense waters of Scorpio to free-spirited fire. What surfaced in consciousness during Scorpio season (10/22 - 11/21) that can now be integrated and acted upon? The planet Venus (relationships and values) just recently shifted from Libra, one of its home signs, to Scorpio, one of its more challenging signs. Mercury (communication and mindset) is also still in Scorpio. The shadowy deep may still have more to reveal and bring to the surface for action.

Qualities of Sagittarius include free-spiritedness, adventure, passion, broadening one's horizons, philosophy, expansiveness and conviction. Sagittarius energy is very much about beliefs and philosophies, and in aiming for the highest truth. It is a Masculine, or Yang, Fire sign, its modality is Mutable and it is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The symbol for Sagittarius is the Centaur Archer with an arrow aiming 45º up. Striving for the highest expression of our Spirit is part of the path to breaking free from our human and animalistic nature. In the body, Sagittarius rules over the hips, thighs, buttocks and sciatic nerve. Through activities and practices such as long distance travel, higher learning, connection to the Higher Self, meditation, esoteric studies and open-mindedness, we can grow from having ideas to having great knowledge, experiences and mature beliefs. Extreme Sagittarius energy can be unwavering in beliefs and convictions, myopic, a wanderlust and/or a person who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions of others.

The highest expression of Sagittarius energy is finding one's true north through experience.


Astrological Aromatherapy - The Signature Oil

Black Pepper oil (Piper nigrum) is warm, invigorating and fresh. It can help ease bloating and digestive discomfort from overindulgence, soothe joint pain and bring warmth and circulation of energy where things feel stagnant. It can also help with confidence and inspiring creativity. It does have some specific contraindications and can irritate the skin, especially if oxidized, so low dilution blends are ideal, especially when considering application to the skin. The energy of the oil resonates so well with Sagittarius energy in its warm and zesty qualities, and in helping us to remember that movement of energy is necessary for feelings of stagnation. I appreciate the oracle card's message, especially since there can be anxiety associated with Sagittarius.

Remember the wisdom and universal answers that are always within ourselves, and in the present moment.

This month's Full Moon blend features Black Pepper oil, along with Basil Sweet (Gemini) and Lavender, and can be purchased here.


We're now in eclipse season! The first eclipse will occur on November 30th with the Gemini Full Moon (more on that later this week), and the second eclipse will occur on December 14th with the Sagittarius New Moon. With the South Node of the Moon moving through Sagittarius, there's an emphasis on releasing limiting beliefs. In particular, limiting beliefs that prevent us from the extremes of Sagittarius energy mentioned above, and from embracing new ideas and information that can help us expand our consciousness. The shift from Water to Fire should assist in taking more action! There will be a harmonious flow of Fire energy during Sagittarius season between the Sun, South Node, and eventually the Moon, and Mars in Aries.

Review my post and/or podcast about the recent Mars Retrograde for more information.

My hope is for everyone to have a beautiful week filled with love, kindness and giving thanks for everything we do have and hold dearest to our hearts.

Warm Blessings and Gratitude,

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