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Virgo Season & Mars Square Saturn (Round 1)

Lavender Fields

The Sun said goodbye to the playful, fiery Leo season and shifted into the zodiac sign of Virgo on Saturday, 8/22 (11:44 am EDT). You may have felt the shift, perhaps wanting to get more organized or straighten things up at home. As I write this to you, my power and internet are supplied by a rechargeable, battery generator I recently purchased after Tropical Storm Isiais since our power just went out unexpectedly. Planning and preparation are also Virgo qualities!

In the Northern Hemisphere, Virgo season is harvest season. As the shadows are growing longer again, and summer draws to a close, the wheel of life continues and we harvest the abundance in preparation for the cooler months ahead. Additional qualities of Virgo include purity, analysis, assimilation, devotion and being of service. Virgo energy can be very practical, observant, keen and diligent. Details, details! It is a Feminine, or Yin, Earth sign. Its modality is Mutable, its symbol is The Virgin, or Maiden, and it is the second zodiac sign ruled by Mercury. In the body, Virgo rules over the abdomen and intestines, and the process of nutrient absorption from food. It relates to wholeness with and within oneself. There is a situational awareness and adaptability aspect to Virgo energy. Extreme Virgo energy can be perfectionist, compulsive, controlling and overly critical or judgmental. Anxiety and worry can result from a lack of planning or organizing, or things that are unknown. One of the biggest lessons for Virgo energy is being in the present moment.


Astrological Aromatherapy - The Signature Oil

The signature oil for Virgo is Lavender. Did you know there are two main types of Lavender with very different, main therapeutic qualities? Lavandula angustifolia is the commonly known Lavender used for relaxation, sleep and peacefulness. Lavadula latifolia (or Spike Lavender) is more vibrant, energizing and promotes alertness. They are both wonderful for pain relief and have anti-microbial properties. I consider Lavandula angustifolia more oriented to Virgo energy, however it's useful to know that there are two main Lavenders, cause, ya know, details! I have three planets in Virgo, including my Moon, and have always had an affinity for Lavender. It's one of my first essential oil loves. The neatly planted rows of Lavender fields are so pretty and vibrant. It's one of my go-to oils for diffusing, linen sprays for sleep and when I need a general sense of calm. It's a Jill of all trades just like Virgo.

The Astrological Aromatherapy blend for the upcoming Full Moon (9/2) will feature Lavender.

I will be posting the blend in my store within the next few days.


Mars Square Saturn - Round 1

Today marks the first exact square of Mars in Aries vs. Saturn in Capricorn. My last post about the Aries/Capricorn squares was about Mars square Pluto (8/13). Mars square Saturn will also happen two more times, in September and in January 2021. The energy of this square can feel like a roadblock. Mars represents our drive and motivation and Saturn represents authority and prudence. When these two planets square off (90° angle) it can show up as impedance or impasse. The last time they squared off was in November 2019. Another vibe I feel present is standing up to authority or "the man". Capricorn is related to systems and authority, and Aries is fast and independent. This square can feel like being underneath someone else's "thumb". Planning and patience are good strategies to navigate the energy. Don't rush anything driven by frustration, and keep in mind that Saturn rules over time on the Earth plane. Endurance and a methodical approach to any present challenges will help transmute the energy from frustration to personal power. We're in these squares for the rest of the year due to the upcoming Mars Retrograde (9/9 - 11/13). I'll be posting more content on the Mars Retrograde soon! Stay strong and steadfast! It's also helpful to know where Aries and Capricorn are present in your chart, as this may reveal some themes.


I think the oracle card for Lavender has a beautiful message. Staying in the vibration of love, personal truth and sovereignty and balance are all positive, healthy ways to navigate the energies ahead of us.

The lunar blend is coming soon!


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