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Full Moon in Virgo Diffuser Blend - Spiritual Surrender

Photo by Shawna Schill on Unsplash

See my first Full Moon post here

for information about the creation of the monthly blends and the definition of a Full Moon.


This month's Full Moon occurs on Monday, March 9th at 1:48 pm (EDT) at approximately 19 degrees of the sign of Virgo, opposite the Sun in Pisces. By combining the signature essential oils of Virgo and Pisces, a sense of harmony between the opposite signs can be created, easing any tension felt before, during or after the moon is full. I chose Vetiver to round out and ground the blend, as this Full Moon is receiving supportive energy from the planets in Capricorn, and Vetiver is the signature oil for Capricorn. Vetiver is so warm and exotic. It's one of my favorite aromas.

The blend is listed below and a PDF copy can be downloaded here.


Full Moon in Virgo Diffuser Blend

5 drops Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) (Virgo) 4 drops Melissa (Melissa officinalis) (Pisces) 1 drop Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) (Capricorn)


Add the oils to your favorite diffuser and breathe deeply. Diffusing this blend a few days before, during and a few days after the full moon is good timing to take advantage of the soothing effects.


Part of the experience of this Full Moon may be a bit of anxiety, which this blend can help soothe. Things aren't always black and white. Pisces energy is surrender and Virgo energy is control. Pisces is our spirituality and sense of oneness and Virgo is the analyzer and organizer. Jupiter supports this Full Moon, and is the planet of abundance, luck, good fortune, good spirit and expansion. Traditionally, Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces.

What practices help you feel more connected to Spirit?

What can you release or surrender to feel a better sense of inner calm?

Is there anything that you began when the Moon was new (2/23) that has helped you feel more connected?

Mercury Retrograde will end very late in the evening of March 9th here on the East coast, several hours after the Moon reaches fullness. Reflect on the last few weeks and focus on the lessons, your dreams and anything new that has come into your life that you can carry forward into the future.

Release what hasn't served you.

Offer it up the Moon with grace and gratitude.

Finding the Virgo/Pisces axis in your chart can also be helpful in specifying themes.

If you need help with that, I'd be honored to be of service.

Full Moon blessings!

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