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Full Moon in Libra - Infinite Heart

Birth of Aphrodite From the Sea Foam by Kate Krivoshey

This month's Full Moon is Sunday, March 28th at 2:48 pm (EDT) at 8º 18' of Libra, opposite the Sun in Aries. The duality of the opposing signs of Libra (Moon) and Aries (Sun) is self versus the other, individuality versus partnership, rawness versus refinement. Finding balance in the energy of the two opposing signs may be amplified under the Full Moon energy, however there's a driving force to face fears for the benefit of growth. This Full Moon is ruled by Venus (Libra), which just reached the farthest point from Earth in the heart of the Sun on Friday. Currently in Mars's sign of Aries, Venus is now separating from the Sun, growing toward becoming visible once again in the evening sky. Several planets are at 8º during this Full Moon, which is very meaningful.

The New Moon in Libra was on October 16th, 2020.

We'll explore the meaning, numerology and energetics of this Full Moon, but first, the blend!


Libra Full Moon Astrological Aromatherapy Blend

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ct. Verbenone)

Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii var. motia)

The correspondence between these particular signature oils and the signs' qualities is remarkable, as Rosemary is very helpful for focus, clarity and clearing stagnant energy in the head and Palmarosa can help with forgiveness of self and others and soften emotions. Balance in the energy of oneself and others in any relationship or partnership is important, and the signature oils of Aries and Libra can help teach us more about soothing any discord that can emerge, such as a headache.

The Libra Full Moon blend is available for purchase here.

Chiron/Vesica Piscis Sketch by Me!

This Full Moon is abundant with opportunities for healing the heart.

There's strong focus on the sovereign heart and authenticity in honoring true feelings and one's identity, especially in partnership. Emotions related to healing past or current heartbreak may surface for release and surrender. Relationships starved of reciprocity may come into focus for careful consideration, discernment and decision. Bravery, risk-taking and new thoughts and actions for individual and collective soul's growth may flavor the experience. Putting oneself first, even if that involves facing fears or being uncomfortable, is part of the process. Reflecting back on the Libra New Moon (October 2020) and what was highlighted in that energy could provide some keys to what may be surfacing now. Finding balance, grace, gratitude and beauty in fierce matters of the heart in our individual experiences is one of the greatest ways to connect to the infinite heart of the Universe.

All the 8s!

During the Full Moon, the Sun, Venus and Chiron will be at 8º of Aries, the Moon at 8º of Libra, Uranus at 8º of Taurus and the Full Moon occurs on the 28th day of the month at 2:48 pm at 8º 18'. We're also in an 8 month (3+2+2+1). That's a lot of 8 energy! In numerology, the number 8 is associated with balance and reciprocity with the energy of the Universe. It's also the symbol of infinity. Characteristics of 8 are hard work, success and karmic balance. The number 8 Major Arcana Tarot key is Strength, which is the card I used to represent the energy of the Libra New Moon back in October. The Universe is sending us a message. It's up to each of us to decode and unlock this message. I recommend spending some time tomorrow reflecting on the last six months, honoring your emotions and carefully considering times that your sovereign heart wasn't fully leading the way. Whatever bubbles up can now be released with honor and grace.

Connecting with Venus could also add layers of wisdom to your practice.

I wrote and created this meditation for last year's Libra Full Moon.

From My Infinite Heart to Yours,

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