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Full Moon in Scorpio - Somber Release

Nature & Time by Cameron Gray

This month's Full Moon is Monday, April 26th at 11:32 pm (EDT) at 7º 6' of Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus. The duality of the opposing signs of Scorpio (Moon) and Taurus (Sun) is the physical versus the intangible, personal security versus merging with another, pleasures of the senses enhanced by sacred sexuality. Finding balance in the energy of the two opposing signs may be amplified under the Full Moon energy, with emotional release at the forefront under this particular Full Moon. Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon, which just shifted into the Moon's sign of Cancer, a sign that is a challenge for Mars due to the emotional qualities. The Moon's presence in Mars's sign (mutual reception) is a challenge for the Moon as well. Attention to emotions and emoting in a constructive and mature manner are important themes.

The New Moon in Scorpio was on November 15th, 2020.

We'll explore the meaning and energetics of this Full Moon, but first, the blend!


Scorpio Full Moon Astrological Aromatherapy Blend

Rose absolute (Rosa damacena)

Patchouli (Pogostemom cablin)

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)

Rose is the signature oil for the zodiac sign of Taurus. Patchouli is the signature oil for the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It's incredibly grounding and can assist with meditation and energetic protection. Rose is so beautifully soothing and sensual. Patchouli and Rose blend well together with the Patchouli enhancing the earthy and deeper notes of Rose's aroma. When blended, they truly exude a wonderful balance between Scorpio and Taurus energies. I added Clary Sage to the blend in correspondence to the energy of this Full Moon, and because it is energetically cleansing. With all the Uranian sparks and unpredictable energy, a grounding and soothing blend should feel supportive. Energetic protection and cleansing are also a good idea with the emotional depth present with this Full Moon energy.

The Scorpio Full Moon blend is available for purchase here.

The Five of Cups (Rider-Waite Tarot)

I chose the Five of Cups to symbolically represent this collective Scorpio Full Moon experience. The energetic imprint established by the planets involved can be somber, melancholic and perhaps a bit wily. There is pressure to face our deep, shadowy emotions and to allow them to move through for acknowledgement, honor and release. The light is shining on the mind, the heart and our connection to our inner radiance. We're faced with the reality of surrendering anything that dims the radiance, whether it's disappointment, grief, insecurity or old emotions. We are being asked to shed and purge old skins to expose new growth. To honor and release the remaining goop from deep transformation in order to lighten the weight to move forward with the parts of ourselves that remain. There is a different future ahead. A new, daring and revolutionary light on the horizon. It's ours to seek and explore if we want it, if we are willing to let go and embrace the inner change.

Mood is very important over the next few days. Check in with yourself. Steep in the deep of your feelings and remember to honor anything surfacing that may have been lurking in the shadows of your consciousness. It comes up in the most divine and perfect time for your highest good. Brooding over spilled cups is temporarily ok. Moving forward into the light with the cups that are full in tow is the challenge and the path to growth.

Revel in the beauty and bounty of the moment,

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