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Full Moon in Scorpio Blend - Our Inner Buddha

Buddha Under the Bodhi Tree (image:

See my first Full Moon blend post here for information about the creation of the lunar blends and the definition of a Full Moon.


This month's Full Moon occurs on Thursday, May 7th at 6:46 am (EDT) at 17º 20' of the sign of Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus. By combining the signature essential oils of Taurus and Scorpio, a sense of harmony between the opposite signs can be created, easing any tension felt before, during or after the moon is full. I chose Frankincense for its ability to help bring feelings of peace and calm, especially during meditation. It's also wonderful for the lungs, and it comes from tree resin making it energetically grounding and protective. The Full Moon energy will amplify our feelings and emotions during this time. Each oil in this blend helps us connect to our inner soul space and ground our energy. I hope this blend instills a sense of inner peace while you honor this Full Moon in meditation, or prayer, or any Full Moon ritual you practice.


Full Moon in Scorpio Diffuser Blend

4 drops Rose absolute (Rose x damansca) (Taurus)

1 drop Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) (Scorpio)

1 drop Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)


Add the oils to your favorite diffuser and breathe deeply. Diffusing this blend a few days before, during and a few days after the full moon is good timing to take advantage of the soothing effects.

Substitutions & Resources

See my post about the Taurus New Moon for Rose absolute substitutions. If you have an aversion to Patchouli, substitute any oil that you love, that has grounding properties. Think oils that come from resins, wood and/or roots. You could even add more Frankincense and omit the Patchouli. Sustainability is very important when purchasing oils, especially Frankincense. I purchase most of my Aromatherapy supplies from Aromatics International; they just released a free sustainability guide for download. Any other substitution can be made for the blend that helps you get into a calm, meditative state - burn a candle, light some incense or simply sit outside under the moonlight.

The Bodhi Tree (Image: Tumblr)

About This Full Moon

Our Inner Buddha

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”

Gautama Buddha

I've been reflecting on this upcoming Full Moon, and the Taurus/Scorpio axis. In my reflection, I remembered the story of Buddha's enlightenment, under the Bodhi tree, under a Scorpio Full Moon. It is said that Siddhartha Gautama, the future Buddha, was born under a Scorpio Full Moon, meaning he was born with the energetic imprint of a Taurus Sun opposing the Moon in Scorpio. When one is born under a Full Moon, one is constantly challenged with balancing the energy of the two opposing signs. Learning about this balance between the luminaries, our identity with the Sun and our emotions and instincts with the Moon, is one of the soul's greatest lessons. My astrology teacher says that one can learn everything about the sign of Taurus from a tree. The qualities of security, safety and material things aside, Taurus speaks the language of the senses and the physical world. Think about the Hermetic principle "As above, so below..." and apply that to a tree. Everything that we can see, the vital trunk, the protective bark, the branches and leaves and perhaps fruit. There's more below the surface though. A complex network of roots anchoring the tree in place, the source of the tree's vitality and also its method of communication with other trees, forming an unseen (to us) mysterious realm. The mysterious realm, the unseen, the language of signal, intuition and energy, that's Scorpio. Transmutation and Transformation. Harnessing the qualities and energy of Taurus, rising above the physical, our conditioning, past and experiences, shedding our old skin and transforming into our greatest, most powerful emotional and energetic selves. This is the path to the energetic balance and to Scorpio. This is how we can find our Inner Buddha, on our own path to personal enlightenment.

What has materialized for you since the Taurus New Moon two weeks ago (4/22)?

How about the last six months since the Scorpio New Moon (10/27/19)?

Find your own Bodhi Tree. Think about any form of transformation you have undergone, reflect on it, meditate on it and offer up gratitude to the Moon.

I love to think about the image of the Bodhi Tree raining flower blossoms. The Scorpio Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon. We are all flowers, opening, transforming and blooming to the beat of our own divine timing.

I hope you love this blend! Let me know of any substitutions or modifications, and how they contributed to your Full Moon meditation and experience. Knowing where the Full Moon falls in your chart is also a wonderful way to harness the energy. Taurus/Scorpio is one of my favorite zodiacal axes. Let me know if I can be of service.


My dear friend Julie of Lil' Goddess Yoga and Holistic Healing and her friend Jessica of Soul Coaching with Jessica are hosting an online, donation-based Full Moon event on Thursday, 5/7 at 7 pm. They will be honoring the Flower Moon with a group Tarot reading and chair yoga. Registration is required and details can be found here. I'll be there!

Full Moon Blessings from my Inner Buddha to yours,

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