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Taurus Season - New Moon Blend & Securing Change

Rosa x damascena Plant from

A New Moon occurs when the Sun & Moon are conjunct, or at the same degree and minute of the same zodiac sign. This conjunction between the Sun and Moon accentuates the energy of the sign, and is a wonderful time of the lunar cycle to think about new beginnings, manifesting and setting intentions for the next 6 months.

This month's New Moon occurs on Wednesday, April 22nd at 10:26 pm (EDT) at 3º 24' of the sign of Taurus. The signature oil of Taurus is Rose, which comprises most of this New Moon blend. Rose is wonderful for times of emotional or physical stress, it's prized in skin care and can help with women's reproductive health bringing balance and easing muscle spasms and heat. It can help bring balance during times of grief by encouraging feelings of love and healing the heart.

I added Vetiver to the blend for grounding and since I love the aroma of these two oils together.

The blend, resources and substitutes are below and a PDF copy can be downloaded here.


New Moon in Taurus Diffuser Blend

3 drops Rose Absolute (Rose x damansca)

1 drop Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)

Add the oils to your favorite diffuser and breathe deeply.


Rose oil is very potent and precious. Thousands of rose petals yield a very small amount of oil. Precious oils are relatively expensive. Fortunately, there are two oils with a similar aroma and properties you can substitute. Some other alternatives are using rose water in your diffuser instead, using rose quartz, or buying some fresh roses to honor this New Moon. The two oils that can be used in lieu of Rose Absolute are Ho Wood (Cinnamomum camphora var linalool) or Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora ducke). Rosewood is endangered, so be sure the oil you purchase is sustainably cultivated. I purchase most of my oils and Aromatherapy supplies from Aromatics International. Floracopeia has a lovely line of Rose roll-on perfumes and skin care products that I LOVE.


New Addition to the Lunar Blends!


About Taurus and this New Moon

Securing Change

The Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Taurus on Sunday, 4/19 at 10:46 am (EDT), ushering the beginning of Taurus season. The qualities of Taurus include comfort, security, stability, strength and sensory experience through the physical body and material things. There are many facets of Taurus. It is a feminine Earth sign, its modality is Fixed, its animal is The Bull and it is ruled by the planet Venus. It relates to the physical world, things we can experience through all of our senses, plants, rocks, food, our "threads', money, pleasure and sensuality. Extreme Taurus energy can be materialistic, indulgent, possessive and stubborn. The fixed modality holds energy, is slow moving and can be very resistant to change. The planetary energy present during this New Moon catalyzes the challenge to change in innovative ways that are for the greater good of humanity. We can harness this powerful energy and channel it into creating new practices and habits that promote sustainability and conservation of Earth's precious resources. The New Moon is on the same day as the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. What an absolutely perfect time for planting new seeds in our consciousness to create a better way of life that honors Mother Earth and the physical resources She gifts us to sustain life on this planet. Here are some ideas:

Sit under a tree, close your eyes and feel the energy above and below the ground.

Plant a garden to grow your own food if you have the space. Container and kitchen gardens work too!

Switch from paper products to reusable cloth napkins, etc.

Experience and savor the world around you by being in the present moment.

Create any new practice that helps you develop a deeper connection to Mother Earth.

Connecting with Venus is also a wonderful way to call in the energy of Taurus.

Click the image above to download a meditation I created that will take you on a journey to connect with the goddess.


I hope you love this blend and the new additions to the post! Knowing where the New Moon falls in your chart is also a wonderful way to set focused intentions for the New Moon. Let me know if I can be of service.

My dear, local friends Abra Merlino of Shift Studio in Ventnor and Mandee Elam of The Alchemy Sisters are hosting an online, donation-based New Moon event on Thursday, 4/23 at 6:45 pm. They will be honoring the divine feminine. Register here.

New Moon Blessings from my Heart to yours,

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Ursula Duffy
Ursula Duffy
Apr 24, 2020

Aw, Kendra! Thank you 😊 This feedback is beautiful and it’s an honor to reconnect and be with you on the healing journey!


Unknown member
Apr 24, 2020

Ursula you have such a beautiful gift and harmonious way of bringing omg all the elements together! Your services have given me a sincere message and I appreciate your light and guidance. You have connected so many dots for me on my journey of self care so far and I’m excited to see what else you and the stars ⭐️ have in store for me! Thank you for truly showing me how to embrace Taurus season ❤️ you are an amazing soul ☀️

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