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Fiery Kittens, It's Time to Play a Little - Leo Season is Here!

Jasmine Illustration from Pinterest

The Sun moved into the zodiac sign of Leo yesterday, 7/22! Whew! The last time we were in a fire season was back in March/April during Aries season. I'm ready for the shift. How about you?

The qualities of Leo include passion, creativity, warmth, self-expression and play. Leo energy can be showy, dramatic and lavish, or shy preferring to stay away from the spotlight. It is associated with royalty. There is a deep connection to one's heart, joy and legacy. It is a Masculine, or Yang, Fire sign. Its modality is Fixed, its symbol is The Lion and it is the only zodiac sign ruled by the Sun. Leo rules over the heart, spine and general circulation. It relates to creating from the heart and expressing oneself through performance, art, performance art or even through having children. There is an inner child and validation aspect to Leo energy. Extreme Leo energy can be egoistic, pompous, and overly dramatic. The Fixed modality holds energy. A good analogy for Fixed Fired is a bonfire!


Astrological Aromatherapy - The Signature Oil

The signature oil for Leo is Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum). Jasmine essential oil can help to open one's heart, encouraging self-love, compassion for others and romance. It's a very strong, yet sensual aroma and the flowers have the highest aromatic content during the night. They are picked during the night, or just before sunrise for the essential oil. This is such a beautiful example from the plants of how the energy of the signs flows into each other. Cancer comes before Leo and is ruled by the Moon. I love to imagine the beautiful, white Jasmine flowers holding the Moon's silvery energy and the serene energy of the night, which is then ignited, unleashed and held in the fixed energy of Leo. I love the aroma of Jasmine, and use it in my own personal perfume often, especially during Leo season!

The Astrological Aromatherapy blend for the upcoming Full Moon will feature Jasmine.

I will be posting the blend in my store within the next week.


As the oracle card for Jasmine shows us, it takes passion, strength and courage to be oneself. It is bold to be bravely and unapologetically YOU. Being heart-centered and coming from a place of love, allows the beautiful Leo energy to shine like a beacon and be an inspiration for others. Even if the Leo in you is shy, the point is to create and express. The expression flows with a balance of the Masculine and the Feminine. The Sun shines brightly all on its own, and Leo energy is the embodiment of the solar consciousness. This zodiac month should feel a bit lighter, exciting and playful, despite the continued state of the world. There may be more boldness and exaggeration.

The lunar blend is coming soon!


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