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We the Innovators - Aquarius Season Begins

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The Sun shifted into the zodiac sign of Aquarius today, 1/19/2021 at 3:40 pm EST. We now have quite the Aquarius stellium (3 or more planets in the same zodiac sign) with the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury (Pallas Athena as well if you work with and track the asteroids). Whenever I see a stellium, I am drawn to explore the balance and polarity between the opposing signs, which in this case is the dynamic between Aquarius and Leo. The Sun loves being in the sign of Leo, the sign of its rulership, and not so much in the opposing sign of Aquarius. There's also building tension in the skies. The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Taurus is exact tomorrow, and together they are squaring Jupiter, Saturn and loosely the Sun. As the Mars/Uranus conjunction becomes exact tomorrow around 3:30 pm (EST), they will also be joined by the Moon freshly entering Taurus, forming the first quarter square to the Sun tomorrow as well! That's a lot of fixed energy, and squares (90º angles) are energetic tension between planets that are calls to action. This is explosive, unpredictable energy for Inauguration Day here in the United States! Wow.

Anything is possible!

Qualities of Aquarius include individuation and a rebellious Spirit. It relates to sovereignty, the future, community and humanity. Aquarian energy is eccentric, innovative, intellectual, freedom-loving and representative of large groups of people. Its highest expression is evolution for the greater good of humanity. It is a Masculine, or Yang, Air sign and its modality is Fixed. Aquarius's constellation is the Water Bearer. It is the second zodiac sign ruled by Saturn, traditionally; the modern ruler of Aquarius is the planet Uranus, or Prometheus. In the body, Aquarius rules over the shins, ankles and nerve impulses. In the extremes, Aquarian energy can be aloof, detached, and disassociated. Getting lost in the intellect or in ones own mind can be a tendency, and showing emotion may be a challenge. The dynamic with Leo energy is heart-centered creative expression that can then be put into a form evolving our consciousness. It's one who may love attention, or being the center of attention relative to individuating and standing apart from the crowd.

My South Node is in Aquarius, so this energy is my Soul's knowledge and my comfort zone.


Astrological Aromatherapy - The Signature Oil

The signature oil for Aquarius is Neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara). Neroli oil can help to soothe distressed emotions and help one's heart feel warm and trusting, encouraging compassion for life. It has a very strong aroma known for its use in perfumery. I love how this oil's energy can help bring the Leo qualities of warmth into the possibly detached or isolated essence of Aquarius. I also love the card's message here. Uranian energy can be destabilizing and shocking, however the purpose is to catalyze change in our consciousness with a greater emphasis on strength, unity, and the highest good of humanity. We the Innovators!

The Astrological Aromatherapy blend for the upcoming Full Moon on January 28th features Neroli and can be purchased in my store here.

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The sky stage is set with a building, stormy, wild energy right now, into tomorrow and the rest of this week. Revolution and the power, independence and sovereignty of the people are very much in the flavor mix of the times. As in previous blog posts that I've mentioned Uranian energy, expect the unexpected. My intentions and prayers for this Aquarius season will include hopes for the highest energetic outcome that serves the evolution and protection of freedom and the civil liberties of humanity. We the Innovators and custodians of the future are powerful and sovereign beings, who can create the best reality for Mother Earth and for humanity with our thoughts, energy and intentions with Unity and Love.

Blessed Be Through This Intense Energy!


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