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Saturn in Aquarius

Art by Cameron Gray -

Saturn in Aquarius


It’s been a loooonnggg few years of examining the personal and collective structures, systems and physical reality. Saturn in Capricorn has required much integrity, gumption and patience.

Saturn in Aquarius will still require grit, dosed with imagination. Using our minds to access the unseen bonds holding all of life together. Tapping into the cosmic consciousness to build something new out of the Capricorn ashes, something that will advance humanity.

Collectively, I think we have a good idea of the work that is cut out for us. Personally, find Aquarius in your chart.

How can you be more authentic and sovereign? How can doing this extend to a positive contribution to our cosmic mind?

We have three years. Let's get started!

Saturn in Aquarius - December 17th, 2020 - March 7th, 2023 (EST)

Jupiter moves into Aquarius on Saturday, and then up next, the beginning of Capricorn Season/Solstice/Great Conjunction on Monday!

To the SHIFT!

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