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New Moon in Aquarius - Gentle Chaos

The Star Key - The Thoth Tarot

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, or at the same degree and minute of the same zodiac sign. This month's New Moon occurs on Thursday, February 11th at 2:06 pm (EST) at 23º 16' of the sign of Aquarius. This New Moon is ripe with Aquarian energy, as it occurs with 4 additional planets in Aquarius (along with the Sun and the Moon) plus the Goddess asteroid Pallas Athene. Holy Aquarius stellium!


Quite a bit of meaning and information can be gleaned from The Star key. I chose the card from the Thoth deck for this post since we're under the influence of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius (Mercury and Thoth go hand in hand), and since I feel the imagery represents the mix of Air and Water present in the Aquarian energy and archetype. The Star (Key #17) follows The Tower key, which represents destruction and turmoil. Last month's New Moon in Capricorn was conjunct Pluto, which was heavy, and we absorbed all that destructive force energy present during that New Moon. The now waning Moon has conjoined Pluto once again on its way into the Aquarian terroir; it has just passed Pluto by a few degrees as I write this post. We are at the end of last month's lunar cycle, which was set up in the energy of that Beautiful Disaster. It's now time to collect all the earthly pieces of the last month and blow them into the winds of change, blessed with our intentions for this New Moon, and marvel at the Gentle Chaos of allowing the breeze and the intent to reassemble and crystalize everything into something new.

The Star represents balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine, honoring the subconscious flow of energy and the magic that is always around us. It's full of inspiration and connection to Spirit. There is a sense of greater purpose, intentional transformation and trust in the mysteries of Life. This Aquarian energy feels boundless, free and full of potential for elevation, dreaming thoughts into reality and honoring the invisible bonds between all life. The challenge is in taking action in the energy of chaos and catalyzing change versus order and structure


In your New Moon ceremony, or in thinking about or documenting your New Moon intentions, remember that the sky is the limit! This is the sign of innovation, rebellion and the future! If you have a tarot deck(s), maybe pull out The Star key(s), hold it to your heart and/or your third eye, and visualize your biggest dreams. The dreams that pull you out of the depths of the catastrophes and destructive forces. Be specific, carefully craft your thoughts and words, and send them out into the Universe with love, hope and knowing that they already exist in your heart and in the heart of the Collective. You could also wear or diffuse Neroli, the signature oil for Aquarius.

Praying to each planet in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) could also be a fun addition to your New Moon ritual this month. The best way to work with stelliums is to break them down planet by planet, and also to honor the balance with the opposite sign, which is Leo. Yesterday marked the beginning of the new Mercury cycle in Aquarius as Mercury conjoined the Sun at 20º Aquarius. We've burned off the last of the recent Water elemental years, and are now officially in the Air element (thinking, intellect, mindset, ideas, suit of Swords).

Prayers to Mercury to assist with your New Moon intentions could be helpful as the planet is closest to us during this part of the cycle.








My personal intentions for this New Moon will be very specific to the Aquarius part of my chart (10th House/South Node). I love creating my intentions around the themes of the sign/house of the New Moon and suggest you do the same!

It's extra magical!

Thank you, Val, for the inspiration and guidance for this post!

Looking UP in Awe and Wonder,

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