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Pisces New Moon - Dream Ripples

The Search for the Alchemical Formula by Charles Meer Webb

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, or at the same degree and minute of the same zodiac sign. This month's New Moon occurred this morning, Saturday, March 13th at 5:22 am (EST) at 23º 03' of the sign of Pisces. This is the final New Moon of the astrological year, occurring very close to the end of the zodiac, which holds all of the wisdom of all the degrees of all the signs that come before Pisces. I love meditating on the channeled imagery for the degrees of the zodiac. There are many symbol sets, the most commonly known are the Sabian symbols. I'd like to explore the Azoth Symbol* for this New Moon, 24º Pisces (we round up to the next degree for these symbols). The symbol and symbol description are:

A man visits his own history in the Akashic Records.

"You want the complete truth and you have the ability to access it, which gives rise to the realizations that before it can be totally assimilated and lived as a physical reality your consciousness must be ready to receive and understand it, and must then make all sorts of specific decisions as to how it is to be applied."

Further exploration:

"What surprised him most as he perused the Library of himself was how many of the acts he'd committed which he'd at the time deemed important, and which he'd regretted, showed up in his personal history as being of little or no importance, the greater importance and damage having been done by far because of the many years he'd wasted in feeling guilty. Feelings of guilt as recorded in the books were always a cause for remorse, because the energy wasted on them could have been used to bring joy to other people. And as well many of the insignificant actions he'd performed, many of which he had no memory of, were often recorded as being of great, even monumental importance and value, for they'd been sparks which had ignited the fires of new possibilities, and even though seemingly minor had opened great doors, for keys are usually little.

And he realized as he read these records that they had not been collected and placed in this universal Library just to assuage his curiosity, or for his personal entertainment, but were actually the most informative books he'd ever read, for they were highly personalized, having been written just for him, and having been written in a language of which he had a deep understanding, for it was his own language, and he was the author."


The energy of this New Moon offers great potential for dreaming big and imagining what may have before seemed impossible. We have a choice. We can choose between being the martyr and fluffing space in our life's eternal imprint, or the mystic and creating sparks and ripples that will reach infinity. Dream the impossible into the collective consciousness, and subsequently, maybe even in six months, the collective reality. Taking risks, getting out of the comfort zone, and drawing from our personal wells of life experience are all in play. There is a repeating lesson here in our relationship to the unknown, to letting go of limiting beliefs and to trying something new and completely different. The opportunity for growth is in setting the intentions on what will liberate you, what will make your individual contribution to the whole something that could change the World. Every New Moon gives us the chance to co-create with the Universe.

You hold all the keys to your life's story.

Dream big today.

Anything is possible!

Find Pisces (New Moon, Neptune & Venus), Gemini (North Node of the Moon) & Sagittarius (South Node of the Moon) in your chart...that's where the magical spell is being written.


*The Azoth Symbol information in this post is from the book The Circular Temple, A Study of the 360º of the Zodiac, Volume II, Libra through Pisces, by John Sandbach.

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