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Pisces Full Moon - The Rainbow Bridge

Prism Vision —

The Moon is full tonight (7:54 pm (EDT), in the sign of Pisces, at the end of the Zodiac.

Today has been dreamy; the clouds fluffy like in the movie Vanilla Sky. It's been easy to flow, a true Moon's Day (Monday), riding on being in the moment and enjoying the ebb and flow.

I felt called to explore the symbols for the Full Moon's Piscean degree.

The Sabian Symbol:

"A prism."

The Pleiadian Symbol:

"The shifting and modulating of light frequencies creating messages in color."

The Pleiadian Symbol description (from The Circular Temple by John Sandbach):

You discover ways of communicating that are transcendent and which convey subtleties of cosmic meaning. It's not easy to communicate the wonder and complexity of what you perceive because there is so much of it and it happens so fast. But you can allow it to enter you and give you whatever it needs to, so that through you at least a part of it may be radiated to others.

Rainbows have been in my awareness for many months now. A prism I have hanging in my window just began catching the right angle today, casting rainbows all around my living room. The end of Pisces/the end of the Zodiac teaches us about transcendence. It teaches us about our connection to Source, to the Divine and the Divinity within each of us still present in this human form. From the rainbow of our chakras to the rainbows of our auric field and beyond, blasting out from our hearts to the reality of our immediate surroundings and the infinite eternity of the cosmos.

Amidst all of the confusion of current events and affairs, it's important to remember who we are, our hearts as the Rainbow Bridge connecting us to each other and to Source. The Divine within shines brightly and illuminates the unseen light and energy that exists connecting us all.

Under the energy of this Full Moon, allow all that is blocking your own Rainbow Bridge to fall away. Connect with your intuition and your Divine light, and connect with everything around you from your Heart. The World could use more Love.

From my Rainbow Bridge to yours,

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