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The Dramatic Embrace of Venus and Mars in Leo

Moon, Venus, Mars in Leo with a Lion Cloud! Image credit: Matthew Duffy (7/12/21)

Their last embrace, on August 24th, 2019, occurred on the far side of the Sun, invisible to us here on Earth. It was in the sign of Virgo, so perhaps the invisibility to us was warranted. They may have been criticizing each other's attire or trying to perfect Tango moves. A relationship with idealistic tendencies may have been born then. What was going on with your relationships then, and was has transpired since?

Today's embrace in Leo is much more passionate. With hearts on fire, the planetary lovers find each other again, this time flaunting their encounter with lavish demonstration and dramatic flair. The Tango is now flirtatious, sexual, animalistic and powerful. The creative expression is natural as they flicker and glow. What's going on with your relationships now, and what do your foresee for the next two years? Authentic passion, desire and true love from an open heart are the themes. Knowing where Leo is in your chart can also provide some inclinations for the lived experience of this conjunction.

I've coined last night's view a cosmic mic drop. My husband and I went to watch the sunset with hopes to see the planets together with the Moon. There were storms brewing all around, shapeshifting clouds and lots of lightning. The storms remained offshore, but not without whipping up the wind all around us and conjuring feelings of impending doom. The clouds slowly morphed into the shape of a Lion's head complete with loads of lightning, appearing ready to pounce and feast on Venus/Mars and the Moon. It was wild and fierce! We caught this picture, which I hope helps to translate the energy of this glorious event!

From the dramatic heart of the Cosmos to yours,

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