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Sagittarius New Moon | Alignment with Truth


A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, or at the same degree and minute of the same zodiac sign. This month's New Moon occurs on Monday, December 14th at 11:16 am (EST) at 23º 8' of the sign of Sagittarius, and is also a total solar eclipse. This is the final New Moon and Eclipse of 2020.


I chose the King of Wands to represent this New Moon since I feel that the challenge and opportunity of the energy present is to reflect upon this entire year with honesty, courage, integrity and purpose. What has been truly learned? What has been illuminated? What limiting beliefs can be released? Who are you? What's your legacy? I feel that, at this time, it's very important to take time for a complete retrospective review of your personal 2020 experience and to commit to taking the necessary steps toward fully identifying and releasing anything that's not in alignment with your personal truth. The energy is full of potential to be honest with yourself, to see through any illusions and to fully sever impediments. Due to this being a South Node Solar eclipse (the only one of this year) and the planetary energies present, seeking truth in your identity should be the intention, and boldness in actively letting go should be the manifestation.

Here are some recommendations for harnessing this energy:

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I usually recommend intention setting and manifestation rituals for New Moons, however the vibe of this New Moon feels very different. With all of the chaos and energetic shifts this year has ushered in, and all of the opportunities to heal our identity and find our personal sovereignty that have been present, it feels natural to focus specifically on release of that which is no longer serving our highest good. One final flushing out before the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurs on December 21st. Consider it your own personal book burning of sorts, with a little help from the dragons!

“Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Eclipse & Release Blessings,

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