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New Moon in Scorpio ~ Emotional Regeneration

Iceberg Image: Alexander Hafemann on Unsplash

This month’s New Moon occurs today, Thursday, November 4th at 5:15 pm (EDT) in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The energy of this New Moon packs a punch and is full of potential for digging deep into our emotional caverns. What are we looking for? Parts of ourselves that are stagnant or frozen in time from giving our power away to others, or even to the shadows of ourselves. There’s a challenge, and great supportive energy, to examine and excavate, observe and release. We are encouraged to embrace the Spirit of rebellion and change, moving forward out of our comfort zones, even if this means standing up against “authority”.

The Scorpionic process is to bring our deepest emotions to the surface, out of the realms of fixation and invisibility, for break down, break through and regeneration. Somberness, or even borderline brooding, may flavor the vibe and feeling into any emotions that arise is part of the experience. As you set intentions and/or have a ceremony under the energy of this New Moon, focus on these themes. Calling in your Team Spirit and ancestors for assistance would be a wonderful addition as the veil is at its thinnest at this time. If any tension is felt, diving into something creative would be a great outlet. This New Moon also opens the portal for the final eclipse season of 2021.

Are you feeling The Heavy today? I sure am. If possible, give yourself permission to rest, recuperate and relinquish. Going within is good medicine.

With Love from The Shadows,

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