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I'm Boycotting Facebook in Support of Unity, Peace and Freedom of Speech

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Below is an excerpt from an article I read recently about Facebook’s recent censorship actions targeting specific accounts and groups:

“...While people who have bought into these disinformation campaigns are already affected, preventing it from spreading to new groups and new audiences is one intervention, among many, that are needed. Unless there is some kind of coordination between platform companies to get rid of the main...influencers, it will continuously pop back up...”

The targeted accounts and groups do not matter to me. What does matter to me is this:

When did social media companies become authorities and interventionists on what information people can and can’t share, what’s truth, ‘fact’, or disinformation and who can and can’t organize into a private group supporting a common cause?

The amount of censorship, discord and division currently occurring on Facebook, which I have personally experienced, seen and heard from close friends, pages I follow, etc. is extremely disheartening, and are the primary reasons for my boycott. I will no longer interact on a platform that’s actively involved in mass censorship and against freedom of speech. I feel that simply continuing to have a presence on that platform means that I’m condoning these actions. I am also no longer condoning the consistent invasion of privacy.

Although I know it is owned by Facebook, I will be keeping my Instagram business account for now. There is censorship on that platform as well, although it’s not at the level I’ve seen and experienced on Facebook.

The best way to stay in touch with me and Ursa Alchemy is here on my blog, by subscribing to my email list and/or via directly emailing me:

New social media:

If things eventually change, I’ll be back. Until that time, I’ll be fully supporting and interacting on platforms that are censorship-free and do not violate people’s privacy.

Thank you for being here with me,

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