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The Return of the Light | A Very Special Solstice

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Capricorn Zodiac Art by Dana Lynn/Starseed Sprouting

Check out Dana's original water color art and more here. She's the brilliance behind my logo!


Tomorrow is a very eventful day Astronomically and Astrologically! The Sun shifts into the zodiac sign of Capricorn tomorrow, Monday, 12/21 at 5:02 am (EST). This shift may feel grounding after a very chaotic Sagittarius/Eclipse season. It may be a time to put into practice, or ground into reality, any new ideas, knowledge or inspiration that came into awareness over the last month or two. The Sun's ingress is on the heels of Mercury's, which is significant since Mercury just met up with the Sun on the Galactic Center, a very special area of our galaxy.

We'll see what the Psychopomp has to reveal to us from that journey!

Qualities of Capricorn include perseverance, responsibility, dedication, patience, integrity, boundaries and conscientiousness. Capricorn energy involves having a sense of duty, tradition and is usually very cautious and diligent. It is a Feminine, or Yin, Earth sign, its modality is Cardinal and it is ruled by the planet Saturn. The animal for Capricorn is the Sea Goat, which is a mystical creature with abilities to traverse both land and water. There is a mystical side to Capricorn! In the body, Capricorn rules over the skeletal system, as well as the skin, hair and nails; the parts of us that give structure and the protective boundary from the outside environment. Through individual contributions to the systems and structures of society, we become an integral piece of the whole. Extreme Capricorn energy can be overachieving, transactional and willing to sacrifice anything in order to reach a goal or advancement. Think Scrooge!

The highest expression of Capricorn energy is achievement with heart.

One of the best illustrations of the dynamic between Capricorn and its opposite sign, Cancer, is the film It's A Wonderful Life. It's also a Saturn Return story for George Bailey and a wonderful film to watch during the holiday season!


Astrological Aromatherapy - The Signature Oil

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) is the signature oil for the zodiac sign of Capricorn. I agree wholeheartedly with this selection by Patricia Davis. It's one of my favorite oils, which I discovered during my Aromatherapy studies. The description of Vetiver on the Aromatics International website is perfect: "Earthy, smoky, woodsy, and sweet, vetiver essential oil has a rich aroma that can call to mind being in the forest at night. It’s famous for its grounding, relaxing effects, and is popular in natural perfumes for both the mysterious beauty of its scent, and its fixative properties."

There's even a musician who goes by the name Vetiver. I find his music to be resonant with the energetics of the oil and of Capricorn.

I decided not to sell a lunar blend this month, although it will still be included in my Full Moon blog post. With my recent move, the holidays, shipping delays, etc. I have concerns about shipping timing. A blend of Vetiver and German Chamomile would be suitable for the upcoming Cancer Full Moon on 12/29. If you purchased my Cancer New Moon blend, and still have some, that can be used during the Full Moon as well. The lunar blend will be back for purchase next month.


The Skies are Alive with the Music of the Spheres!

The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction and More

About 6 hours after the Sun's ingress into Capricorn, Jupiter the Great and Saturn the Heavy will embrace from afar, marking the beginning of a new cycle. This occurs at 11:14 am (EST) at 0º 28' of the sign of Aquarius. Saturn shifted into Aquarius, after 3 years in Capricorn, on 12/17. Jupiter shifted into Aquarius, after 1 year in Capricorn, on 12/19. The exactness of their conjunction will last for a few hours (11:14 am - 2:50 pm). Intention setting and/or ceremony in honor of this conjunction would be ideal during that time frame, although I think any time tomorrow to honor all of the events of tomorrow's sky would work. Setting intentions and prayers with planetary cycles is very much like working with the lunar cycle, just substituting the Moon themes with the planet themes. If you know where Aquarius falls in your chart, even better for the specificity of your intentions to the themes of the house(s). For example, if 0º Aquarius is your 10th House, then setting intentions around growth (Jupiter) and integrity (Saturn) in your career, public life or role(s) in the outside world would be best; the flavor is Aquarius. Read more about the particulars of the conjunction at the link above just below the picture; this event is historic for many reasons! There's a push/pull, almost paradoxical effect to Jupiter and Saturn blending energies. Saturn will lend structure to the expansiveness of Jupiter. This energy is full of potential for innovation and individuation that will ultimately upgrade our consciousness for the future, and benefit our communities and humanity. Jupiter and Saturn are the interpersonal, or social planets. This energy will also be related to how we interact with each other, particularly while still experiencing the pandemic and stretching beyond to the other side of it.

As you're hopefully gazing at the planets after sunset tomorrow, at 6:40 pm (EST) we'll have the first quarter square between the Moon and Sun. The Moon changes signs tomorrow as well, from its 2.5 day sojourn in Pisces into Aries. What has materialized since the New Moon/Solar Eclipse last week on 12/14? How can you express your own identity within your role in the larger societal systems? This square is also at 0º. There's a seeding of our consciousness happening tomorrow with the return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere. The other part of this story is the building, third and final square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, which will be exact on 12/23. Read more about the vibe of this square here and here.

Find out more about the music, or sounds, of the spheres here. You could even listen to the sounds of Jupiter and Saturn during your Solstice ceremony!


I recently purchased a compilation of the channeled imagery for the degrees of the zodiac. The books are The Circular Temple, A Study of the 360º of the Zodiac, Volumes I and II by John Sandbach. I like the resonance of the Pleiadian Symbol for the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction - 1º of Aquarius (we round up to the nearest degree for these symbols):

~ In the desert a way station to comfort travelers ~

"The finding of desperately needed sustenance, even though it may seem nearly impossible to locate. Tremendous resourcefulness in discovering support, even in the most unlikely places. You have the ability to give others much hope, and a way of being able to appear at just the right time to help them along the way. Impossible journeys are made possible, support is given to further the long journey toward the finding of self."

I feel this speaks volumes to the journey of this year. I feel a bit weary from it all. We have to find common ground and work together to rebuild something new in the wake of this year. The potential is there. It's up to us individually and collectively to integrate the lessons and challenges of this year. To be sure we harnessed the power of finding and fully being our truest selves, of healing our identities and realizing the "instinct to be what we are" (Adam Gainsburg on Mars Rx in Aries).

To recognize how we've been forced to acknowledge and accept our vulnerability and reliance on each other and on community. To honor the divine feminine and the divine masculine within each of us. To reflect back into the shadow and the darkness, to now look forward with hope into the light, hand in hand, heart to heart. Think it, and so it is.

In honor, love and gratitude, my deepest wishes of hope and progress to all for the

New Year and new cycles of Air ahead,


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