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Lunar Alchemy - A Guide for the Upcoming Virgo New Moon

Intention for the Aquarius New Moon in February 2021

This is a very personal share, that I think is extremely important to illustrate the potency of co-creating with the planets and the lunar cycles. When Astrology came back to me in the Fall of 2017, it was the missing piece. It was a huge piece! But it was most definitely THE thing that made everything else to which I was being guided, and pursuing at the time complete and come fully into focus. One of the hard truths I had to face in making the decision to say Yes to the Universe once again and dive deeply into studying Astrology was that the "career" I had at that time was no longer my true "work" in this World. I worked extremely hard in college, in every job I had on that career path and I was successful. The entire experience of living parallel lives, with one of my two feet consistently in two very different worlds was the most challenging, difficult and frightening few years of my life. It meant class in the evenings and on weekends while still working full time. It meant creating and building Ursa Alchemy as a side business while still working full time. It meant undoing and letting go of so much conditioning and beliefs about what "success" is and tearing up the script that said what we're "supposed" to do with our lives. It meant sacrifice, diligence, grit and determination. I've held the intention and the dream to leave the corporate, 9-5 world for 3 years.

The way that I work with the planetary and lunar cycles is with clear intention, the long game, and with the themes of the part of my chart in which the new cycle is beginning. When I set intentions at the beginning of a cycle, I hold the vision for those intentions to materialize by the end of the cycle (i.e. New Moon to Full Moon in the same sign, roughly six months). When the Moon was new in Aquarius back in February (journal entry pictured above), I set the intention to fully liberate myself from my corporate job and to devote all of myself to my true, authentic work in this World. The Aquarius part of my chart is my "career" space (10th House). When I set these intentions back in February, I wasn't aware that there would be two Full Moons in Aquarius this year, and I didn't plan the timing of this at all. I was in complete awe when I realized what was happening! The first Full Moon in Aquarius was on July 23rd, which is the day I submitted my resignation. My last day, in perfect synchronicity, was on Friday, August 13th, the day of the goddess and not "unlucky" at all as we've been misled to believe. On the second Full Moon in Aquarius (August 22nd), we (Sea Goddess Healing Arts) co-hosted our first community farmers market at Absecon Lighthouse. WOW! I've been setting the intention with every New Moon in Aquarius since 2018, as well as other layers of planetary magic with the Mercury Retrogrades and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius last December, but this one felt different. Everyone along the way has told me that I'd know in my heart when the time was right. I'd receive the words and advice, trusting the message with nuances of doubt. Everyone was right, of course, but the divine timing and synchronicity of it ALL is beyond my wildest dreams! To everyone reading this who has helped, advised and supported me along the way, I am so very grateful to you. Thank you. This was a monumental leap of Faith for me, many years and many Moons in the making. To everyone who has entrusted your Soul to me, thank you. I am so very grateful to you too as our time together has shown me over and over my authentic, true path in this lifetime. You all help me shine my Light.

The next New Moon is on Monday, September 6th in Virgo. I've shown you how to work with this energy in the most profound and potent way possible. This particular New Moon is receiving energetic support from the revolutionary planet Uranus. Hold the vision of your wildest dreams; anything is possible. Flavor your intentions with the themes of the Virgo part of your chart and carefully observe what happens over the next six months. Plant the seeds. Your own Lunar Alchemy is waiting to manifest!


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