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Ursa Alchemy is a unique blend of Astrology, Intuitive & Healing Arts co-created with the Plants, Planets & Spirit as our guides.

Gemini New Moon Circle - The Soul's Twin Flames

I'm co-hosting this month's online New Moon circle with Abra Merlino of Shift Studio!

We'll be honoring this New Moon cycle with symbols, art, discussion, meditation, ceremony and more!


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New Interview & Service!

I was recently interviewed by Valeri McLaughlin of Intuitive Heart Healer. We chatted about Astrology, Venus & Mercury Retrogrades, birth chart readings & more!

We're offering a new, collaborative service combining Valeri's wonderful intuitive healing & Astrology to provide a targeted approach to energetic blocks & lessons of the heart & soul. It's called Intuitive Heart & Soul Healing. This service is deeply discounted for a limited time, introductory offer!


Click here to learn more/book with us!

Connecting with Venus Meditation

Click here to download a guided meditation during which you'll connect with Venus. I created this meditation for our Libra Full Moon circle.

Podcast Interview!

I was recently a guest on Deb & Friends: Quest for Connection.

Deb is also co-host of the PsychicTeachers podcast & has been one of my Intuitive Development & Tarot teachers for years. It was such an honor to be a guest on her show! We discuss the history of Astrology, how Astrology works, the basics of the birth chart & more.

Tune in here, or on your favorite podcast app!

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In Response to Current Events


l am committed to being of service and to offering support during this time. I have decided to tithe a portion of any income I receive from readings to one local charity per month. All events that will be held online during this time will be donation-based. I will work with you to bring the healing and benefits of Astrology and Aromatherapy to you during our time of need. If you need options such as a payment plan, or bartering of services, let me know.

I will make adjustments on my services page.

I am also open to creative solutions and suggestions.

Let me know! I'm here for you.


If we've already worked together, my Check-In service is available.

I will increase the service to 60 minutes if you'd like to check-in about the current situation, talk about what's happening in your life at the moment and find out about how the Astrology is impacting you personally.