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is a unique blend of Astrology, Aromatherapy, Intuitive & Healing Arts co-created with the Plants, Planets & Spirit.

I offer Astrology Readings, Astrological Aromatherapy Services & More!


I started my own podcast - Becoming Chiron: The Key to Unlocking Healing and Personal Alchemy!


Read my first published article, The Reality of a "Mid-Life Crisis" and What Your Soul is Telling You, which is all about the Astrological event behind the upheaval many experience around age 40.
Find it here in Holistic Fashionista Magazine!

Early Access to Free Lunar Aromatherapy Blends, Special Coupon Codes & More!

Unsure where to begin with Astrology or Aromatherapy?
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I'm also on Sea Goddess Healing Arts!

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