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Tips for June/July 2020 Eclipse Season!

Val and I had a wonderful conversation about the current eclipse season and the energies that are being brought forward. In the conversation we talked about how an eclipse intensifies the New Moon and the Full Moon energies. Along with the importance and myth of the North Node and South Node to each of us individually and collectively, and how they relate to eclipses.

We have 3 eclipses this season.  It's going to be intense!

New Interview & Service!

I was recently interviewed by Valeri McLaughlin of Intuitive Heart Healer. We chatted about Astrology, Venus & Mercury Retrogrades, birth chart readings & more!

We're offering a new, collaborative service combining Valeri's wonderful intuitive healing & Astrology to provide a targeted approach to energetic blocks & lessons of the heart & soul. It's called Intuitive Heart & Soul Healing. This service is deeply discounted for a limited time, introductory offer!


Click here to learn more/book with us!

Podcast Interview!

I was recently a guest on Deb & Friends: Quest for Connection.

Deb is also co-host of the PsychicTeachers podcast & has been one of my Intuitive Development & Tarot teachers for years. It was such an honor to be a guest on her show! We discuss the history of Astrology, how Astrology works, the basics of the birth chart & more.

Tune in here, or on your favorite podcast app!

Connecting with Venus Meditation

Click here to download a guided meditation during which you'll connect with Venus. I created this meditation for our Libra Full Moon circle.

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