Intuitive Heart & Soul Healing

Intuitive Heart & Soul Healing

This service is a collaboration with my friend Valeri McLaughlin, a wonderful woman and intuitive healer. We are combining our expertise in healing and Astrology to bring you a special healing based on your natal chart* and the planetary alignment at the time of the reading.


Your Birth Day Sky (natal chart) provides guidance on energetic areas to focus and clear. Valeri will focus the energy healing based on your natal chart, helping to remove energetic blocks so you can move forward more easily. Setting you on a clear path for your journey and providing you with tools and insight to help assist you along the way.

To learn more about Valeri please visit her website:


*Accurate birth date, time & location information is preferred, but not required.


This service includes PDF copies of all charts, pictures of the card(s) and an audio recording of the reading (via Google Drive).

  • Scheduling

    It may take up 7 to 10 business days to set up your session.